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Embracing the kingdom of God

Jesus’ proclamation of the kingdom of God is the core of the Gospel message. Followers of Jesus have to learn to recognize it and commit ourselves to helping shape a world where God’s priorities are our own. Discover how Jesus teased out the meaning of God’s kingdom in various images and teachings with this 10-part column series.

Catherine Upchurch, general editor of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible and contributor to several biblical publications, writes from Fort Smith.


The kingdom’s guest list is surprising

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: March 13, 2020   

Jesus is known for using stories to teach his closest followers and the crowds who gather along the way. These stories of seeds and crops, banquets and simple meals, beggars and travelers, and blindness and deafness are familiar from a lifetime of hearing them in our Sunday and weekday liturgies. They pour over us and have the potential to shape our perceptions just by the sheer power of repetition. But perhaps the stories Jesus shared have More... 

The Kingdom of God is now — and not yet

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: February 11, 2020   

Kingdoms of all kinds dominate the headlines — countries, political parties, social media and financial institutions are the newsmakers. However, the news of a kingdom that raises up the poor, rewards those who are forgiving, liberates captives and feeds the hungry hardly gets a mention, even in the footnotes of a nightly telecast or as a crumb on daily news sites. This kind of kingdom that reverses all the usual assumptions relies on its adherents More...