Citizens of a kingdom without borders

One such example can be found in how Israel came to understand (and sometimes misunderstand) itself and its relationship to God.

God’s words to the Hebrews after being liberated from Egyptian slavery must have sounded too good to be true: “If you…

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Radical forgiveness is a sign of the kingdom

” Surely twice is not as far as we can go. The Bible tells us that God is not nearly so miserly.

When Jesus was instructing his followers about the need to be forgiving, Peter must have begun to understand that…

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The kingdom of God is a rare treasure

Other pieces were purchased at garage sales. Everyone is hoping to discover from the experts that their item is a treasure beyond compare.

It is fair to say that Jesus wants his listeners and his followers to discover that we too…

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God’s kingdom and lessons from children

As a child, that window invited me to feel at home, and I did.

The familiar scene is a combination of two Bible stories. One is a teaching from Jesus about what it takes to be great in the kingdom of…

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God’s Kingdom a lesson in patient surrender

It is the story of the weeds among the wheat (13:24-30), which in Matthew occurs immediately following the more familiar parable of the sower. The story of the farmer generously sowing seed in all kinds of ground is also found in…

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Realizing abundance in kingdom of God

Easter reminds us that at the core of our faith is the confidence that death is never the final word from God. The final word is always life.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus compares himself to the sheepfold and gate…

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The kingdom’s guest list is surprising

But perhaps the stories Jesus shared have become too familiar to us. Familiarity might numb us to their power. If we allow ourselves to hear these now recurring stories with “fresh ears” we might find that many of them are…

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