Catholic schools and Common Core questions

Bowen and Hall said some dioceses have chosen to adopt the standards because they are more closely tied to public schools with testing or funding for textbooks.

The U. S. bishops’ Secretariat of Catholic Education issued answers to these frequently asked…

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Catholic schools by the numbers


Percentage of multi-racial students: 2. 6

Percentage of Hispanic students: 10. 2*

The remaining students are Native American, from the Pacific island region or unknown.

*Hispanic is not considered a race but an ethnic group.  



Total professional staff: 662

Percentage of staff who are…

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Schools assess knowledge gained in religion classes

The assessment is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the most recent catechetical documents.

The purpose of administering this assessment is to evaluate the effectiveness of the schools’ religion. This includes the printed curriculum communicated during a teaching-learning…

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