Abortion amendment claims to collect over 100,000 signatures

Arkansans for Limited Government announced July 5 that it collected more than 100,000 signatured to get the Arkansas Abortion Amendment on the Nov. 5 ballot. If the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office certifies that at least 90,700 signatures are valid, the amendment will be on the ballot. 

In March, the Diocese of Little Rock announced its Decline to Sign campaign to ask Catholics not to sign the petition. Informational cards and posters in English and Spanish were placed in all parishes. 

If approved by voters in November, unrestricted abortion would be allowed in the state “within 18 weeks of fertilization.” 

In a letter to parishioners in February, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor said the amendment would gut “the state’s regulatory laws like requiring parental consent before a minor has an abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements or abortion facility inspection. Arkansas would be unable to protect unborn children who can already feel pain from dismemberment abortion.”

Catherine Phillips, diocesan respect life director, said in an email July 6, “Please continue to pray that the ballot measure petition for the Arkansas Abortion Amendment will be rejected by our Secretary of State. Sadly, many of our neighbors want legal abortion. We must continue to educate everyone regarding the grave immorality of abortion and the sanctity of every human life, from the moment of fertilization until natural death.”

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