Decline to Sign campaign for abortion amendment begins

The Diocese of Little Rock Respect Life Office launched a Decline to Sign campaign in parishes across the state to educate Catholics about the risks of signing a petition for the Arkansas Abortion Amendment. Posters and informational cards in English and Spanish will be placed in all parishes through July while canvassers are collecting signatures around the state.

Pro-choice supporters are trying to get a state constitutional amendment on the November ballot to allow unrestricted abortion “within 18 weeks of fertilization.” 

“We pray that the sponsors of the Arkansas Abortion Amendment will not be able to collect enough signatures to proceed with their efforts to change our state constitution and permanently allow unrestricted abortion through the first 18 weeks of a baby’s life,” respect life director Catherine Phillips said. “Signature drives are currently underway across our state. Please do all you can to help people understand that it is important to decline to sign the petition. Mothers who face an unplanned or difficult pregnancy deserve love, compassion, and real support — not abortion.”

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor issued a letter to Catholics in the state Feb. 12 explaining the truth about abortion and asking parishioners to decline to sign.  

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