The importance of saying ‘yes’ in your life and faith

Nicholas Connell

The hardest word in the dictionary to put into practice is the word “yes.” 

It’s one of the first words that many of us learn as children, and yet we still struggle to apply it to our everyday lives. It is one of the most powerful words that we can use and is integral to the faith. 

I see it applied in three distinct ways: life, the Bible and a relationship with God. It is so easy today to look at a phone all day and forget about all the world’s problems. It is easy to say no to everything and shut out anyone who wants to have a relationship with you, including God. However, it leads to life feeling alone, scared and unfulfilled. Saying no is easy, but saying yes is worth the hardship, because it puts meaning into your life. 

Life is a beautiful and exciting thing that God has made to show his love. The first step to appreciating that love is to say yes. I have had my struggles with saying no too much. I am a naturally shy person who usually refuses to go out and find new experiences. 

Something changed in my heart, and I found the power of saying yes to new things. God found me in a place where I was sad and alone and showed me the world is full of love, but I had to be willing to open up to it. 

Meeting new people and hearing their stories has opened my eyes to the joy and love God has given all of his children. These people have changed my life and helped me on my path to finding God. 

Taking walks and floating rivers has blessed me with the beauty of the world around me. I see the complex and vibrant colors that I could never have experienced behind a screen. It shows me the thought, love and care God has put into life and his amazing creations. 

New music has brought joy into my life, connecting me with God. Music helps me focus on God and his never-ending love as he speaks to me through the artist. 

The impact of saying yes is that it is necessary in order to find happiness with God. It will lead to a more fulfilling life that God has planned for you. 

Saying yes is also an integral part of the Bible and our faith. In the Gospel of Luke, Mary accepts the greatest gift to humanity, the Son of God, by giving one simple yes. There is power in that word, because it means the challenge does not scare you. 

Our faith is based on one girl saying yes to what would have seemed like an impossible task. She had no fear and welcomed God into her life and the world. Every person can have the courage and strength that Mary does by saying yes to the Lord and allowing him into our hearts. It is only then that we come to realize his presence and feel true happiness. 

A relationship with God is like a relationship with anyone else. It takes work and commitment to grow and love that relationship. For a friendship with God, this means looking after the people around you and spreading love to those who need it most. It is forgiving those who wrong you, especially those who have hurt you the most. 

To have a friendship with God requires effort to be put in and saying yes to the vocation God is calling you into. God has a plan for everyone, and it is only when you say yes that you find the true joy God is calling you toward. It may not be what you were expecting and may be frightening at times, but you have to have faith and say yes to his plan. 

Saying yes more will change your life for the better and help you create a happier and holier life.

Nicholas Connell is a senior at Catholic High School in Little Rock. He attends Christ the King in Little Rock.

Nicholas Connell

Nicholas Connell attends Catholic High School in Little Rock. He attends Christ the King in Little Rock.

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