New deacon: Lawrence “Larry” Fox, Russellville

Deacon Larry Fox
Deacon Larry Fox

Lawrence “Larry” Fox, 61

St. John, Russellville

Assigned to: St. John, Russellville

Employment: Paramedic/ambulance service director

Wife: Vivian

How did you hear your calling to become a deacon? While attending a men's prayer group in Paris with then-Deacon candidate Tom Pohlmeier. Hearing about his experience helped me to hear this call.

What ministries are you currently involved in? Youth group, lector, acolyte, sacristan, extraordinary minister of the Eucharist

Who have been the biggest influences in your diaconate formation? Deacons Bryan Lachowsky and Mark Verkamp, Bishop-elect Erik Pohlmeier, my wife Vivian and many others that have encouraged and prayed for me. Also my mother Evelyn, who died in December 2020. 

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