Knights should be Rosary Ambassadors

Catholics have a rich history which is traced from today, to priests, bishops, cardinals, the pope, through the ages to the Apostles to Peter to Jesus Christ.  We have Jesus’s life re-created in each mystery of every decade in the Rosary.  At times there have been good as well as bad events within our Church.  But ultimately our traditions and faith continue to deepen and spread among people.  

America was founded on Judeo-Christian values that come from God.  All throughout our history America has had numerous accomplishments and failures, none of which should be dismissed nor forgotten, for through them America has grown and prospered. 

Tearing down our statues and placing “Harmful Content Warnings” on our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other historical documents is wrong.  All this will accomplish is to blot out America’s entire history – good and bad – in the attempt to create a new America that those doing such things are hoping will ultimately lead to a utopian society without Judeo-Christian principles, and without God.  This utopia dream is a lie and it dishonors God, our Creator, and every American having lived in the past, living the present, and those to come in the future.   

To save America all Catholics must raise our pleas with Our Blessed Mother to Jesus through daily praying of the rosary.  Attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist weekly.  And always loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Catholics know our faith is truth and life.  Our country’s founders created solid documents with which to guide we the people in governing all those brought to, born in, and migrated into America. These documents must last through the lifetime of the United States of America.  

A Marian Father Seraphim Michalenko once told a story that a priest ministering in Japan shared with him in Rome.  A man said to this priest, “You Catholics, all of you – we do not have peace in the world.  It is your fault.”  The priest asked this man, “Isn’t peace everyone’s responsibility?”  The man said, “No, The Lady came to you at Fatima, She came to you Catholics, and it is your responsibility.”

I urge The Knights of Columbus to be ambassadors of the rosary.



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