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Retired pope asks name be removed as book co-author

VATICAN CITY — At the request of retired Pope Benedict XVI, his name will be removed as co-author of a book defending priestly celibacy, said Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Vatican official who coordinated work on the book.

Flu factor: Dioceses take steps to stop virus from spreading

WASHINGTON — The flu season is here and dioceses across the country are taking precautions to avoid spreading illness.

Evolving door: Vatican may bring new chances for women

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis opened 2020 with a strong call to acknowledge the dignity of women, end violence against them and stop the exploitation of women’s bodies.


Catholic High baseball seniors Jackson Baker (from left), Luke Hindman and Robert Bavon all sign letters of intent to play college baseball Nov. 13. (Photo)

Trusting pro-life message means trusting God’s gift of human dignity

As we mark another anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision we take our annual look at the moral, legal, cultural and controversial question of abortion. Forty-seven years later, there is no shortage of passionate commentary. (Understanding our Church, Seeds of Faith)

What is your favorite God-given talent and why?

“Adaptability is my most favorite God-given talent because it makes me able to adjust to new situations quickly, which has really helped me in life. For instance, as a …” (Youthspeak, Seeds of Faith)

Take a serious look: Are you Jesus’ admirer or follower?

Let’s talk about Jesus. I don’t think, in our culture, you’ll find a lot of people who openly regard him negatively. Even the Doobie Brothers said that “Jesus is Just Alright.” (Which, in the parlance of the day, meant that he is “cool.”) (Columns)

Arkansas not turning its back on refugees

The declaration that refugees are welcome in the state from Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson might have seemed like a formality but now we know that he received quite a bit of negative feedback from some Arkansans. (Editorial)

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