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House passes protection for abortion survivors

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ pro-life committee said the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act passed by the House Jan. 19 is “common-sense legislation” that “offers a simple and widely supported proposition.”

Quality service

Tessie Bell, a member of Christ the King Church in Little Rock, was recently presented with the Arkansas Diamond Award for her contributions to the community and quality service. She has worked … (Photo)

Study: Ritual, stability lead to more engagement at Mass

DETROIT –So who really is singing “Gather Us In” at Mass? Does the pastor asking people about their week really make the Mass friendlier and more engaging? Why is the Our Father so engaging? Do people like singing new songs at Mass, or do they prefer tried and true hymns they have been singing for years?

Jumping into science

St. Edward fourth-grade teacher Emily Cecil guides seventh-grader Maxx Rathman and fifth-grader Connor Wrape as they make their first incision of dissecting a frog during STEM Club Dec. 7. (Photo, Catholic Schools Herald)

In the Father’s house there are laughs, tears and sleepless nights

Christmas has come and gone as well as the break from studies that it brings. Here in Rome, we are studying for exams, and our minds are preoccupied with our different responsibilities in the community. (Columns)

The religious rights of health care workers

Catholic health care workers will hopefully be getting some reprieve from being forced to go against their beliefs and conscience when doing their jobs. (Editorial)

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