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Term limit: Archbishop to succeed Cardinal Muller at doctrine office

VATICAN CITY — Promoting the secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the office of prefect, Pope Francis chose not to ask German Cardinal Gerhard Muller to serve a second five-year term in the post.

Delegates: ‘Go forth to love and serve the Lord’

WASHINGTON — Many of the Catholic leaders attending the July 1-4 gathering in Orlando, Fla., have been to enough retreats or conferences over the years to know that the real challenge comes when they try to put what they heard into practice.


Incoming fifth-grader Harley Campbell blows “crazy hair” on art created during art camp at St. Joseph High School in Conway June 26-30. (Photo)


James P. “Jimmy” Phillips, 70, a member of the Cathedral of St. Andrew and known for portraying St. Nicholas at Christmas time, died June 28. He is survived by …

Is it a mortal sin to create a fake online profile?

Q. I am a 21-year-old male from Africa. About a year ago I joined an online freelancing site and created my profile. It was not successful at all, and I began to suspect the reason was that I am from a Third-World country. So I created a fake profile that said that I was from … (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

BioBlitz helps Mercy sisters catalog all forms of life on farm

BENSON, Vt. — The 39-acre Mercy Farm in Benson is home to at least 36 moth species, more than two dozen types of trees, a half dozen spore bearer varieties, two score of plants, 42 types of birds, a dozen insects and a dozen animals, eight types of aquatic life and three Sisters of Mercy.

Finding out: Is it even possible?

I catch her eye across the pew and smile. Her stomach is starting to swell, slightly. After Mass she rushes over, excited and chatty. (Columns)

Partisan divide calls for spiritual healing

In an earlier column, I wrote about how the world seems to be getting angrier — with the acrimonious, toxic nature of our political discourse a prime example. (Guest Commentary)

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