Adam Koehler: Hog wild for the faith

Adam Koehler

When rooting for the Razorbacks is your passion, then working on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville is where passion meets purpose.

Since July 2015, Adam Koehler, a UA graduate, has been serving in campus ministry at St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish. With one year under his belt, Koehler knows the first weeks of college are pivotal for reaching out to students to help them find a sense of community at the parish and to encourage them to keep their faith life alive.

While welcoming around 5,000 new students this fall, there is one in particular he looks forward to seeing and that’s his youngest sister, who entered as a freshman.

“My first year has been a great experience,” Koehler said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the second year.”

Before UA, Koehler, 26, was the associate youth director at St. Joseph Parish in Conway, an intern with the Arkansas State Golf Association and a manufacturing representative for Gildner Maddox.

Raised in North Little Rock, where he attended Immaculate Conception School and then Catholic High School, Koehler believes his experience at a Search retreat in 2006 was a key moment in his faith life.

 “Search not only allowed me to grow in my faith and come closer to God but also opened doors for me as far as friendships and leadership was concerned,” Koehler said.


• What or who makes you laugh? Why?

“I am a sucker for 90s comedy as well as 90s music. Adam Sandler, back in his prime, was always bound to get a laugh out of me, as well as any sports comedy such as ‘Little Giants.’ ‘Rookie of the Year,’ ‘Space Jam,’ ‘Heavyweights.’ I feel a lot of movie quotes with friends can be easily found from ‘Dumb and Dumber’ as well. Also, if any ‘Jock Jams’ come on during a party or at a sporting event, you’ll be sure to see a smile on my face.”


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