Be Not Vexed!

Elizabeth Johanna Thomas
Elizabeth Johanna Thomas

I thought it very interesting that the Bible reading that I was led to on Monday was Psalm 37, which starts out “BE NOT VEXED over evildoers.”

Considering this week what all was in the news, the government handling of Ebola and the days of continued fighting and name calling among our politicians, it was not difficult to see why I was led to that reading.Now, the ‘vexed’ part is simple enough.We all know what it means to be vexed.Think automated phone voice striving to get you to your desired department.Think Charlie Brown screaming after Lucy pulls up that football one more time.Yeah, that is vexed.

Now evildoers, you may think, "got that one." No problem, it is the bad people, the con artist, the government foes and the government itself. But what if we bring it down a notch or four to people we live with, ourselves included.Think about it — humans, no matter how much we LOVE them can be very vexing at times.Calculate all the mumblings and grumblings you have done in past few days and that will give you a clue to just who or what vexes you.

Well, I thank God that my much needed retreat followed a week of meditating on Psalm 37, and I really thank him for the further instructions and revelations he sent as the weekend progressed.

It did not take me long to realize, my attitude, my spirit was in need of much Holy Spirit redirection. I was seeing my life, job and husband in too much of a critical stinking thinking way that was dragging me into a deep darkness.I was looking at events, old age and life as another cross God was presenting me and I was digging in heels, pouting big time, and saying no, no, no!

Well the retreat was tailor made, (of course it was) to do the job it was supposed to and once more inner peace and joy was sent by the Holy Spirit as I received the necessary Balm needed to heal the wounded soul.

"Be not vexed" in Psalm 37 is followed by some very good advice from God. Delight in the Lord, wait on the Lord, commit to the Lord, Trust in the Lord and he will do some awesome work in your life to deliver you from what ever is you “vexing enemy — or stinking thinking” in your spirit and heart.

One more notation or insight from the weekend — to live a Christ-centered life—Love as Jesus loved, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

I wrote the word LOVE down and this came to my heart.Would one way to love be to “Let Others Vent Emotions” and we just listen? Listen and not just listen but also NOT give any advice as a good friend once told me. Listen and not judge, accept the hurt coming from them and just be there for them. I like that ideal, for there are times we all need to just VENT and need someone to be there to listen.And remember “BE NOT VEXED.”

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