Approbation of the Bishop

Bishop John B. Morris

Little Rock, Ark.,
Feast of St. Joseph, 1911

The appearance of the first number of the Southern Guardian marks the realization of a hope cherished since my coming to the diocese of Little Rock. The need of a Catholic press is so apparent and has been so frequently insisted upon by various members of the Catholic Hierarchy that I deem it unnecessary to discuss the matter further at this time. Suffice it to say that in my estimation there are few sources of Catholic instruction and information more fruitful of good than a sterling, well-edited Catholic journal.
The foundation of the Southern Guardian, which has been uppermost in my mind for something more than four years, has been made a reality through the co-operation of the Catholic laymen of the diocese. Without their aid the hope of a diocesan paper would been much longer deferred. The succesful launching of the project took place at the laymen’s convention held in Little Rock last May,
when it was practically determined that we should have a Catholic newspaper, and my vicar general, Msgr. Lucey, kindly consented to become its editor.
Msgr. Lucey has been a priest and pastor in the diocese for well nigh forty years, and the love and esteem in which he is held not only by Catholics, but by persons of all denominations in the State of Arkansas, bear ample testimony to his zeal as a priest and high character as a citizen, and his numerous able articles during this period in defense of his religion justify us all in believing that the paper will be successfully edited.
The Southern Guardian is the official organ of the diocese of Little Rock, and I pray God that it may be an earnest champion in the cause of right, justice and truth, and an ardent defender of the religion which we all love so well, whose interest, I hope, will always be safe in its keeping.
I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope that its career may be long and prosperous.

John B. Morris
Bishop of Little Rock

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