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Women’s Cursillo #104 was held at St. John Center in Little Rock March 3-6. Attending this weekend were … (News photo)

Preparing for marriage begins early in life
A friend of mine, who is very involved in the marriage preparation program of his diocese, approached me with a concern. (Marriage Matters, Seeds of Faith)

Pope Benedict XVI and Communion in the hand
Q. I am still confused about the new practice of receiving Communion in our hands. According to newspaper stories, Pope Benedict XVI always requires that people receive from him on the tongue. Then shouldn’t we all do that? (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

Prayer kneeler for the 21st century — cupholder, computer?
Lent has arrived. Most Catholics do not anticipate the arrival of Lent, but I need Lent, because my life is noisy and cluttered. The distractions preventing prayer seem to be growing all around me. I can no longer sit still in the quiet to hear God’s voice. (Columns)

This paper a means to evangelize, educate
For decades, loyal Catholic families have welcomed the Diocese of Little Rock’s weekly newspaper into their home. Because Arkansas Catholic might be the only Catholic publication seen each week, it is an important tool for getting news and opinions about our faith. (Editorial)

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