Weekend Extravaganza educates teens

Members of the Youth Advisory Council lead icebreakers Jan. 16 at the start of the annual Weekend Extravaganza held at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Six hundred high school students and chaperones from around the diocese met Jan. 16-17 for the event.
Bishop Anthony B. Taylor talked with the youth about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights and nonviolence. “His (King’s) death was an epiphany for me personally; God used his death to open my eyes to see things in a new way and eventually discern a call to the priesthood,” he said.
The keynote speaker was Rebecca Kiessling, who spoke about her story of being “conceived in rape” and nearly aborted. A birth mother and adoptive mother also shared their stories.
On Jan. 17 the teens attended the Mass for Life and March for Life.

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