Fast facts about Catholic schools

In the diocese
Based on 2008-2009 school year

There are 31 Catholic schools in 20 cities in Arkansas.
Total enrollment is 7,554. Of these, 5,529 are in elementary, while 2,025 are in secondary schools.
Sixty-nine percent of students are Catholic and 31 percent are non-Catholic.
Ninety-seven percent of the school population is white and 2.5 percent are Hispanic.
There are 568 pre-kindergarten students in Catholic preschools.
661 professional staffers work in Catholic schools. Eighty-one percent are laymen and women.
Among professional staffers in the schools, 69 percent are Catholic and 31 percent are non-Catholic.
The average annual cost of educating one child in elementary school is $4,400. In secondary school the cost is $5,942.
The tuition in elementary schools range from $2,647 for Catholics to $3,778 for non-Catholics.
Secondary tuition ranges from $3,878 to $4,460 for non-Catholics. (This figure does not include Subiaco Academy, a boarding school.)
Source: Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Little Rock

Across the nation
Based on 2007-2008 school year

There are 7,378 Catholic schools. Of these 6,165 are elementary and 1,213 are secondary schools.
Forty-three new schools opened; 169 consolidated or closed while 2,534 schools have a waiting list for admission.
Total student enrollment is 2,270,913.
Minority enrollment is 656,581, which is 28.9 percent of the total. Minority enrollment patterns are: Hispanic, 12.7 percent; African American, 7.7 percent; Asian American, 4.2 percent; Multiracial, 3.1 percent.
The percentage of minorities in Catholic schools has more than doubled in the past 30 years. In 1970, minorities accounted for only 10.8 percent of the Catholic school population.
Non-Catholic enrollment is 319,561, which is 14.1 percent of the total.
There are 160,075 full-time professional staff in Catholic schools. Of these, 95.9 percent are laypeople (74.9 percent women and 20.9 percent men). Religious and clergy make up 4.1 percent (sisters: 3 percent; brothers: 0.6 percent; and clergy: 0.5 percent).
Over the past decade, the lay faculty percentages increased from 85 percent to the current 95.9 percent.
The average tuition in elementary schools is $3,159, which is about 53.8 percent of the actual cost per pupil of $5,870. About 93 percent of elementary schools provide some form of tuition assistance.
The median secondary tuition is $6,906, which is about 80 percent of the actual cost per student of $8,743. About 97 percent of secondary schools provide some form of tuition assistance.
Source: “United States Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools 2007-2008: The Annual Statistical Report on Schools, Enrollment and Staffing” by the National Catholic Educational Association

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