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Vatican: Catholic-Anglican dialogue continues
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -— The Anglican Communion’s Lambeth Conference began a process for addressing issues that divide Anglicans and pose challenges for dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church, said a Vatican official.

Faith-based groups lobbying for free AIDS medication
MEXICO CITY (CNS) -— Early in the 1990s, AIDS appeared to be ravaging Haiti in the same way the virus was devastating sub-Saharan Africa; almost 10 percent of the adults of the impoverished Caribbean island were HIV-positive, and the number was increasing every year.

Knights renew commitment against anti-life lawmakers
QUEBEC CITY (CNS) -— The Knights of Columbus adopted resolutions Aug. 7 at their 126th annual convention in Quebec City renewing their commitment to speak out against elected government representatives who challenge life from conception to natural death.

Summer school
On June 22-26 St. Edward Church in Texarkana joined with Sacred Heart Church in Texarkana, Texas, to hold its “Power Lab” Vacation Bible School. About 150 kids in pre-kindergarten to fifth grades attended. (Parish News)

‘Scraps’ from Jesus’ table are more than enough for hungry believers
I’d been hearing about my friend’s housemate, Joe, for awhile before I actually met him. My friend Guy was a leader in our parish, but he also had many rich and interesting involvements outside church life. As I picked up bits and pieces about Joe through Guy’s offhand comments, he certainly seemed to fit into the “interesting” category. (Seeds of Faith)

As Olympian, Sudanese ‘lost boy’ raising genocide awareness
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (CNS) -— In 2001, some “lost boys of Sudan” arrived in the U.S. and the first phase of their long run from the horrors of their homeland’s civil war was fading in the distance.

Catholic students develop solutions to combat gas crisis, win contest
WASHINGTON (CNS) -— Justin Stute drives a vehicle that gets more than 2,800 miles to the gallon.

Archbishop Naumann shows a shepherd’s patience
Early in May, in his diocesan newspaper, The Leaven, the archbishop of Kansas City in Kansas made a unique pastoral request of his governor. Archbishop Joseph Naumann formally asked Gov. Kathleen Sebelius not to present herself to receive holy Communion until she had sought to repair the public scandal of her long-standing, 30-year history of public advocacy for legalized abortion. (Columns)

High prices for school supplies testing parents
WASHINGTON (CNS) -— The rising cost of back-to-school supplies is forcing parents across the country to do the math before they head to the store.

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