A legacy of preaching & prayer

Arkansas Catholic’s special issue of June 24, 2006 is a retrospective of Bishop J. Peter Sartain’s six years in the Diocese of Little Rock. The links below will take you to some of the special issue’s major stories. For complete coverage, see the print edition.

Bishop Sartain leads others to Christ through prayer, preaching
’I am more and more convinced my life has to be grounded in prayer,’ bishop says.

Bishop Sartain takes seriously his role as ’fisher of men’
Priests, seminarians say Bishop Sartain’s prayer and support have helped foster vocations culture in the diocese.

Understanding the power of prayer sustains Bishop Sartain
From the beginning, prayer has been an important part of the bishop’s ministry. Each decision is made after spending time in silence before God, priests say.

Parishioners experienced bishop in a real, personal way
Through his homilies, parish visits and columns he has been able to reach out to the average person in the pew and make a difference in their lives.

In his own words
Quotations reflect some of his thoughts on the priesthood, episcopacy, parenthood and parish secretaries.

Learning Spanish helped Bishop Sartain pastor entire flock
Leaders say Bishop Sartain was able to show the importance of unity in the diocese through welcoming newcomers from Mexico and abroad.

Leaders will always remember funny and touching moments
Private and public moments are examples of how the bishop treated people and taught the faith. (Includes extra content available exclusively on arkansas-catholic.org)

He added publisher and author to list of accomplishments
Even beyond the borders of Arkansas, he received attention for his column and book.

Can you tell me how to get to Joliet?
Even though it is a young diocese, the Church and city have a long and interesting history in Illinois.

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