Jubilee! A series
in celebration of service

Click on a headline below to read about priests profiled in Arkansas Catholic during their priesthood jubilee year.

For 25 years Msgr. Friend said ’yes’ to Hispanics, vocations
Msgr. Scott Friend, 25th anniversary in 2012

Father Michael Bass found a place to call home in the Church
Father Michael Bass, 25th anniversary in 2012

Father Suenram: ’Vocation puts order into a jumble of circumstance’
Father John Magdalene Suenram, OCD, 25th anniversary in 2012

Coming to Arkansas was part of God’s plan for Father Preske parish
Father Venantius “Vincent” Preske, 60th anniversary in 2012

Oldest diocesan priest still a fixture at Springdale parish
Father Milton Lange, 60th anniversary in 2012

Holy Spirit led Father Wood to Catholic Church, priesthood
Father Father Mark Wood, 25th anniversary in 2012

Father Dienert’s priesthood journey led him to Arkansas
Father Robert Dienert, 50th anniversary in 2012

Long life of service begins at and leads to Marylake for jubilarian
Father Sam Anthony Morello, OCD, 50th anniversary in 2012

Father Peter Sharum served as pastor, teacher for 58 years
Father Peter Sharum, 60th anniversary in 2012

His parents’ example and sister’s death were pastor’s inspirations
Father John Marconi, 25th anniversary in 2012

Father Bill Elser’s childhood dream was to become a priest
Father Bill Elser, 25th anniversary in 2011

Father John Oswald found joy in teaching mathematics
Father John Oswald, 50th anniversary in 2011

Father David Bellinghausen finds harmony as monk, priest
Father David Bellinghausen, 25th anniversary in 2011

On 25th anniversary, Father West returning to Hot Springs
Father James West, 25th anniversary in 2011

Paris pastor known for art in metal
Father Eugene Luke, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2011

Retiree from Kansas makes an impression on Hot Springs Village
Father Vic Bieberle, 60th anniversary in 2011

Father Pallo retiring, making move to California near family
Father Joseph L. Pallo, 50th anniversary in 2011

Msgr. Hebert marks 50th anniversary, plans move to N.M.
Msgr. J. Gaston Hebert, 50th anniversary in 2010

Father Murrin heard the call of God from early in childhood
Father Donald Murrin, SVD, 50th anniversary in 2010

God always found a way for Father Frank Lowe to serve
Father Frank Lowe, 25th anniversary in 2010

Former Subiaco teacher, headmaster marks 25 years as priest
Father Aaron Pirrera, OSB, 25th anniversary in 2010

Msgr. Sebaugh’s parents prayed for a priest in the family
Msgr. Thomas Sebaugh, 50th anniversary in 2009

Priest served as teacher, pastor, chaplain before retirement in 2007
Father Placidus Eckart, OSB, 60th anniversary in 2009

’Every parish has become my family,’ Msgr. Kordsmeier says
Msgr. John Kordsmeier, 60th anniversary in 2009

Father Hart got confirmation all along: He could be a priest
Father Gregory Hart, 25th anniversary in 2009

Father Hilary Filiatreau still serves at age 87
Father Hilary Filiatreau, OSB, 60th anniversary in 2009

From railroad to rural life, Father Burnie reflects on priesthood
Father James “Jim” Burnie, CSSp, 25th anniversary in 2009

Carmelite spends 50 years in parishes, teaching spirituality
Father Raphael Kitz, OCD, 50th anniversary in 2009

Nearing 85th birthday, Bishop McDonald grateful for priesthood
Bishop Emeritus Andrew J. McDonald, 60th anniversary in 2008

Father Keller says 1989 conversion led him back to traditions
Father Thomas Keller, 50th anniversary in 2008

Father Hugh well-known by Subiaco students for 50 years
Father Hugh Assenmacher, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2008

Priest moved from Nashville to Subiaco
Father Brendan Miller, OSB, 25th anniversary in 2008

Spiritan priest gives back after missionaries evangelized him
Father Gregory Mallya, CSSp, 25th anniversary in 2008

Celebrating Mass for 50 years a highlight for Father Rossi
Father Raymond Rossi, 50th anniversary in 2008

Priest a founding member of African ministry
Father Camillus Cooney, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2006

Monk influenced by Franciscans, Benedictines
Father Victor Gillespie, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2006

Scranton pastor: Vocation ’grew gradually’
Father Denis Soerries, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2006

After 60 years as a priest, Father Enderlin finally slows down
Father Joseph Enderlin, 60th anniversary in 2006

Msgr. Marczuk: 25 years, 493 baptisms and 11,396 Masses
Msgr. Scott Marczuk, 25th anniversary in 2006

Bentonville pastor says job is to empower staff, parishioners
Father Michael Sinkler, 25th anniversary in 2006

He planned to become a professor, but God had other plans
Father Clayton Gould, 25th anniversary in 2006

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